weaving together | the things we love | into one big TEXT-ile

What do you LOVE? Phílotexō, is a TEXTile project with messages of all the things beloved to us, handmade by us. Attendees/Collaborators of art events and other love fests, wrote on strips of avocado dyed fabric responses to the question, “What do you LOVE?" Together we would weave these messages into the piece on the loom. Additional messages were sent via text message for this TEXT-ile.

March 2023 Art-ish, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia PA
April 2023 BachX Love Fest, Pennsylvania
May 2023 Nippon Street Garden, Mt. Airy, Philadelphia, PA
February 2024 Avocado Love, Random Tea Room, Philadelphia, PA

♥ Adventure ♥ airplanes ♥ ancestors ♥ art ♥ Bare feet in grass ♥ beach ♥ blueberries and raspberries and dried coconut flakes in my yogurt in the morning ♥ boats ♥ books ♥ books of all kinds, all sizes, all shapes. Books are good ♥ boots, good boots ♥ breath ♥ Being deep, talking on a deep level, going deep into a pool where it's quiet and dim ♥ Buddhism ♥ care ♥ cedar ♥ chips--potato chips ♥ chocolate, dark chocolate ♥ coffee ice cream ♥ compassion ♥ cookies ♥ creativity ♥ curiosity ♥ dark chocolate donuts ♥ energy ♥ excellence ♥ falling in love ♥ fiction ♥ flowers ♥ french fries ♥ future ♥ garlic ♥ giraffes ♥ greatness ♥ guacamole and chips ♥ harmonies ♥ heart ♥ hip hop ♥ history ♥ humility ♥ Christmas. Christmas lights. Actually just Christmas lights ♥ Ease ♥ Enthusiasm ♥ Family ♥ Fermented foods, it's like what? Miso, cheese, bread, wine, beer, like yogurt, kimchi. How could you not love those things? Like you say that you have any of those, and it's a party time to me, and it's nature's way of just telling us that it's always had our back. Forget about processed foods and all that. You know, fermented foods have been around for a long time and they're here to stay in there. Delicious ♥ Foot massages, hand massages, calf massages ♥ Friends ♥ Friends ♥ God ♥ Good Slippers ♥ Good tweezers ♥ Hiking and seeing new vistas ♥ home ♥ I actually kind of love sleeping late and snuggly bed and blankets ♥ I also love my kids and my wife ♥ I definitely just love connecting with people ♥ I just love that all of my seasons moving forward are centered around working with other artists who are my friends and they also feel like my family ♥ I love Bach cantatas ♥ I love Chosen family ♥ I love Japanese service and napping in kotatsu ♥ I love Oxford commas and the tiny bit of order they bring to our world of madness ♥ I love Philadelphia ♥ I love Pilates exercises, which teach me the subtleties of how my muscles operate ♥ I love Roald Dahl and Tommy Unger ♥ I love Rob's cooking and coming home ♥ I love Toynbee tiles and offbeat things ♥ I love a breeze rustling the leaves and the trees ♥ I love a breezy day a windy day ♥ I love abandoned houses and imagining the stories it's seen ♥ I love all my friendships ♥ I love all the legends that are here ♥ I love all the various shades of green, soothing and stimulating at the same time ♥ I love beautiful pottery and drinking out of a favorite coffee mug ♥ I love beer and salt baked squid ♥ I love being alive ♥ I love being alone ♥ I love being in the middle of a good novel ♥ I love book reviews and used book sales ♥ I love bringing something homemade to a party ♥ I love chocolate covered figs and old magazines ♥ I love clothes, boots and sweaters and scarves ♥ I love cold nights under warm comforters ♥ I love color ♥ I love connecting to kids and seeing them expand and seeing them have their own little revolutions when we make art together ♥ I love contemplative movement ♥ I love coriander and smoked paprika, cooking on a Sunday with music playing in the background, especially when I'm using mideastern spices ♥ I love creating and expressing ♥ I love creative exploration in paper arts and the combination of colorful abstract shapes and calligraphy ♥ I love creativity and those moments when sparks fly and ideas pour out of my mind faster than I can record them ♥ I love crying ♥ I love cupcakes and cake ♥ I love delicious wine and good strong coffee ♥ I love dinners made together in a chaotic kitchen ♥ I love eating and being connected to the food that I eat and having a relationship with food and people ♥ I love empty spreadsheets waiting to become something useful ♥ I love green grass ♥ I love hating on Philly, but love calling that my home ♥ I love heather gray t-shirts, always have, always will. They go with everything. You can print whatever you want on it, and over the years, the print fades and the t-shirt takes on a life of its own ♥ I love hot springs and foot massage ♥ I love how lucky I feel every single day that I get to live a dream life of art and friends ♥ I love hygge, that cozy feeling of warmth and contentment ♥ I love ice cream ♥ I love inside jokes that persist across decades and forgetting why or how or where they ever started ♥ I love it here ♥ I love jumbled puzzles, itching to be solved ♥ I love junk drawers and Eggy’s drawings ♥ I love kayaking on lower Lake and promised land State Park ♥ I love kicking a soccer ball to the exact spot I was aiming for ♥ I love letting my dog lick my ears after a long, hard day ♥ I love listening to a live orchestra and watching Modern Dance in particular, what's latest and most recent from some of my favorite artists ♥ I love lying down in moving water and drinking water in beautiful places ♥ I love my beloved ♥ I love my blood family ♥ I love my doggy Juliet ♥ I love my family. I love my wife and my children. They're so beautiful ♥ I love my friends. People that I've met in grade school, third grade, some people that I've met in ninth grade math class, people that I've met while studying abroad at work. They all have a special place in my heart and they've, you know, made me into the person that I am today ♥ I love my hot tub ♥ I love my mom so deeply and would not be alive without her ♥ I love my son. He's eight years old, but he's got like insane emotional intelligence and like this great worldview and seeing traits of myself in him, but seeing that he takes it light years away from where I could ever reach, and that he's so young and he's just got like, so much potential ♥ I love my whole family ♥ I love papers and collages ♥ I love pesto, homemade and smeared across pizza ♥ I love quiet Saturday mornings, the empty sidewalks and boulevards before the neighborhood wakes up ♥ I love reaching really far for something and grabbing it just by my fingertips ♥ I love reading a novel on a weekend morning ♥ I love rekindling old friendships ♥ I love road trips and classic rock ♥ I love savoring the sweet, spicy burn of whiskey neat, wee morsels that remind me of my honeymoon ♥ I love seeing my clients having an insight in the course of a conversation ♥ I love self published books and passionate people ♥ I love sitting in front of a fire ♥ I love that I come from teachers and that that's like in my ancestry and that is in my blood to be with the youth and to care about the youth and that I was raised to care ♥ I love that I have found people that I connect to and relate to and love and care for ♥ I love the Eagles in the Super Bowl for the second time in what, five years? Philly gets a bad rep. It's not as glamorous as LA or New York or any of those other fancy teams, but I don't know. You gotta, you gotta respect the NFC champs ♥ I love the X that finally completes the task I've been putting off for months ♥ I love the beach, looking at it walking on it ♥ I love the collective growth ♥ I love the earth and the wind ♥ I love the family I was born with and the family I'm building ♥ I love the feeling of being seen ♥ I love the feeling of giving and receiving ♥ I love the full moon ♥ I love the idea of inward inside a tree or inside your being or inside your bed, all cuddled up and warm ♥ I love the meditative state when you wash dishes or when I'm running, I don't wake up in the morning looking forward to doing either of those things, but either running or washing dishes, I find that I can either clear my mind and not think about anything, or I can think about everything that I need to do today, tomorrow, you know, in the next five, 10 years ♥ I love the moment when the curtain goes up in the theater of live performance ♥ I love the noises my house makes, the creeks, the hums, the drip drop of rain on our skylight ♥ I love the ocean and everything that it creates and shares and is ♥ I love the reflection of light off of water, which dances, especially on the bottom of the leaves of trees ♥ I love the satisfaction of facilitating a well designed meeting ♥ I love the speckled light filtering through the leaves of trees ♥ I love the sunshine and the ocean ♥ I love the views of the countryside from a high speed train ♥ I love the warmth and feelings of connection and fulfillment when I'm with people that I love ♥ I love those moments just before arriving at my final destination after a long day of travel ♥ I love to be surrounded by all kinds of greenery and breathe greenly into my lungs ♥ I love trees and their leaves swaying the wind, telling me their stories ♥ I love understanding something new for the very first time ♥ I love walking in the morning light ♥ I love walking on the beach, cold beach, with my bare feet ♥ I love watching my beloved walking up the stairs ♥ I love water ♥ I love wet streets after a good rain reflecting lights and electrifying their colors ♥ I love wool socks and deserts ♥ I love you, whoever you are out there ♥ I really love being included and like feeling included in visions and projects ♥ ibuprofen ♥ instinct ♥ intuition ♥ jokes that don't make fun of people ♥ kindness ♥ laughter ♥ learning ♥ liberation--Collective and individual ♥ love ♥ mountains ♥ movies ♥ music ♥ my voice ♥ myself ♥ nourishment ♥ onions ♥ organization ♥ oxygen ♥ Inspiration ♥ Kissing ♥ Koalas with their big noses and tufty ears and stumpy tails ♥ Lakes for swimming and canoeing and playing along the edge between land and water ♥ Mezcal ♥ Mist with its mysteriousness and the silence that descends on the land ♥ Morning meditation ♥ My bed ♥ Mycelium ♥ Nakedness ♥ Nebula made out of the smallest of molecules, hydrogen and the smallest of particles ♥ Oh, oh, I love the best sneeze ♥ Outside the box, thinking things up for yourself, not just thinking ideas or solutions that other people think must be right for you ♥ Paper ♥ Passion ♥ Pax my dog ♥ People are caring and connecting to one another ♥ Practice ♥ Presence ♥ Purple, which is rich with deepness and comfort ♥ Riding a bicycle after not riding a bicycle for a long time. So fun ♥ Sangha ♥ Saturdays… and Sundays ♥ Spirit ♥ The present moment ♥ The smells of freshly cut acres ♥ Women ♥ Yoga ♥ patience ♥ people ♥ pickles ♥ plants ♥ poetry ♥ pop-ups ♥ purpose ♥ queers ♥ questions ♥ records ♥ respiration ♥ rivers ♥ self care ♥ sleep. Oh, I love sleep ♥ smiles ♥ sunrise and sunset ♥ surprises ♥ surprising connections ♥ sweat ♥ teeth ♥ the cold air on my face I love avocado toast after a hard workout ♥ uncertainty ♥ unexpected directions ♥ unusual ideas ♥ walking in the woods ♥ water ♥ wellbeing ♥ writing ♥ Zero. I love the number zero and starting from a clean slate

phílotexō: What do you Love?