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Sunday, Oct 15 | Mount Airy Learning Tree

In this 2.5 hour workshop we made ink for drawing and fine writing from natural materials using flowers and plants from the Ampersand Textile Studio Apothecary and fresh dye plants from Henry Got Crops / Weavers Way Farm Market @ Saul High School. We bottled experiences of connection with natural places and experimented with our own plant-based inks in this workshop.

Color From Nature: Botanical Ink Workshop

past workshops

June 28, 2023 |Craft N’ Sip at The Lawn at uCity Square

Designed and created mini tapestries using Ampersand Textile hand-dyed botanical yarns on the HELLO Loom. Wine and light fare provided by the Lawn @ UCity Square

mini weaving
mini weaving

Tiny Tapestries

Sunday, June 11 | Historic Rittenhouse Town

Invādō: Papermaking & Nature Walk

A walk in the woods to identify plants and then let’s make paper and play with natural materials together. Bring a curiosity for natural materials and your experimental crafty spirit open to explore and see what happens!

This project is supported in part with funding from the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation and the Marrazzo Family Foundation.

May 6
Pennypack Environmental Center
8600A Verree Road Philadelphia, PA 19115

Invādō: Printmaking with Invasive Plants

After a walk in the park and a chat about the “invasive” plants and common garden weeds in the area, we created nature prints using organic waste from gardens and park maintenance.

We had a fantastic time exploring different printmaking techniques using hammers, spoons, rubbing crayons made from peach pit charcoal and beeswax, and more to capture the shapes, textures, and/or colors of plants on paper and fabric!

Friday, April 28
Philadelphia Museum of Art

After a tour of Oneness: Nature and Connectivity in Chinese Art we explored ink-making in this workshop inspired by the exhibition. everyone made their own ink and sampled it on mini scrolls.

Color from Nature: Botanical Ink

Earth Day - Sat. April 22
Sheep Shearing Day | Fox Chase Farm

Weaving with Color from Nature

A beautiful spring day to celebrate the earth, shear the sheep, and enjoy the farm. We enjoyed collaborative weaving with natural dyed yarn on the rigid heddle loom and small board looms!

Photo: Wendi Wu @stillair_photo

Saturday, April 15
Pennypack Environmental Center
Philadelphia, PA

Spring Sun Prints

Took a stroll in the park, identified spring plants, and then made botanical cyanotype and anthotype prints using the power of the sun!

Friday, April 14
Pennypack Environmental Center
Philadelphia, PA

Nature Walk & Botanical Ink

After a walk exploring the early spring plants and we bottle the beautiful experiences of the day and made art with our own plant-based ink. Played with binders, preservatives, and modifiers to adjust consistency and shift the color of our ink.