Avocado from leftover dye baths turned into pigment powder… and today avocado pigment watercolor paint and fabric paint! #avocadodye #avocadopigment
More exploration of sunshine yellow from pomegranates peels and marigolds on silk, merino, alpaca, snd handspun wool #naturaldye #botanicaldye
It may be rainy and winter out there, but I’m in here (still) playing with a sunshine marigold harvest from October! Beauty from the garden transformed into a dye bath, then the leftover dye into a lake pigment, and today into teensy tiny water color paints! #marigolds #naturaldye  #botanicalpigments
Lily turf berry lake pigment, you are so gorgeous.
Another side of “Snowy Violetta” playing with the pH and seeing aqua and wintery blues emerge. Science! Nature! It’s like making magic on the surface of the paper. #inkmaking #botanicalink
“Snowy Violetta” ink in the making! Berries harvested from the Nippon Street Garden and made with freshly fallen snow. Newly inspired by Jason Logan after the @torontoinkcompany and @botanicalcolors talk yesterday to make ink with meaning, ink from an idea, ink that captures a time and place—I woke up this morning and went out in my pajamas, placing the first footprints in the snow, and collected berries of the Liriope muscari (planted by our amazing new neighbor) and some snow. I did some digging into the plant after my oldest asked out loud what I was thinking, “Can you make dye out of that?” After confirming correct plant identification, reading a couple studies on the plant, and discovering it’s not considered toxic (may be for cats, though) I thought I’d give it a try one of these days. Today was the day! Named for my purple loving E. S. Violetta of @phillyrainbowfactory who is playing in the snow as I make a second batch, I can’t wait to play with Snowy Violetta in seasons to come. #inkmaking #lilyturf #naturalink #inkwithmeaning #snowink
Oh onion skins, I love you again. You’re peachy, you’re orange, you make the house smell like I’m making soup down here! #inkmaking #onionskinink #naturalinks
Old tool appreciation post: my first boat shuttle, makes great sounds as it passes through the shed and the bobbin spins. #weavingtools

Ampersand Textile & Design is a Philadelphia-based creative workshop producing handmade goods and art materials from reclaimed, natural, and thoughtfully sourced materials. 

The ampersand (&) is for all the techniques & textile experiments you’ll find here —
weaving & natural dyeing & visible mending & spinning & quilting & more.

Nicole Duprée is the primary designer, maker, and workshop facilitator for Ampersand Textile & Design.
You can find Ampersand Textile & Design products or learn with Nicole through workshops at:

Modest Transitions
312 E Girard Avenue
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